Yardage Guides

Increase revenue while speeding up play. Players love our books.

Players guides are a sure fire way to increase revenue in the shop and get "little sales people" out there in the market place. When these books make their way into players hands, other players get to see them. Golfers collect these books and show them to their friends when they come back from a golf vacation. Let them show your golf course to their buddies.

These used to be expensive.

Thats why only courses with big budgets could afford these items. Not anymore, we print short runs (as low as 2500 books) and they can be done at a fraction of the price they used to come in at. 

Our books are 24 pages plus cover meaning you can put all 18 holes in the book and still have plenty of empty pages to show off the highlights of your facility. Include advertising on your teaching facility, banquest rooms, include return offers, highlight your food and beverage.

These books can be included in your green fees or as a counter item in the shop.