We understand the golf business. 

Rob Curtis, founder of AG Designs has a history in the golf industry. This is why he chose to focus his design skills whithin the industry. He understands the unique needs that set the golf industry apart from other businesses. " I just love the industry. I love the people, I love the environment and I love the game. I want to do what I can to to further the enjoyment of this game for now and for future generations."



Why Our Customers Love Us

High Quality Design

If you are a steak house- you better make a darn good ribeye, if you are a coffee shop - your latté should be off the charts. Same goes for a design house - your artwork and design sense must be outstanding. Yet so many of our competitors just don't have it. The identifiable sense of design that only can be created by a true professional. We see it time and time again, when a new client switches over to us and sees the difference in quality a true graphic artist can make. 

One Call Done...

We can be a single supplier for all your print and web design needs. Imagine having only one call to make whenever you need more stationary, scorecards, brochures, some design work done or even updates to your website. Having one supplier has so many benefits including a consistency of branding across the various products. When you have several suppliers for many items, it can seriously erode the strong cohesive branding that is critical to a professional corporate image. 

Amazing Customer Service

This seems like an obvious one, but it matters. You know when it really matters? When you need it. That is what our customers have come to appreciate. You need a quick update done on your website, call or email it in. Done. Need some changes to your scorecard, maybe a rush shipment. We are a small business that understands the value of good customer service. Many of our customers have been with us 10+ years.


We are nothing if not versatile. One of things we most pride ourselves on is our ability to assist our clients with a wide variety of requests. We produce trade show displays, golf hole signage, highway signs, tee shirt designs and more. The reality is, when you don't know who to call, thats exactly when you can give us a call. If we don't immediately know how to get it done, we will definately find the answer.